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The Brisk Pass Platform is built from scratch with the help of our in-house engineers having combined experience of over 75 years, in database design, programming, front-end design, and mobile app development. Our experienced team and our focus on the transportation sector have allowed us to build a state of the art technology platform that can be scalable, resilient and secure.

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brisk pass

Brisk Pass is a GLOBAL transportation access pass with integrated cryptocurrency wallet called Brisk Wallet utilizing its own exclusive cryptocurrency called BriskCoin to pay for services and/or transfer funds.

Billions are spent daily on public transit by commuters for commuting between one place to another. Daily commute incorporates approx. 15% of an average household expenditure and it is an important part of our daily livelihood. Even with growing prices of transportation in recent years, our methods, modes, and frequency of travel have not changed and continued in similar patterns. Most of us daily use multiple modes of public transportation such as buses, taxis, and trains to get around. In most cases, we have to use different transportation service providers for a single trip and use multiple modes of payments such as cash, prepaid cards, membership cards, etc. These methods are expensive, inefficient, outdated and carry large carbon footprint.



Brisk Pass will overcome the shortcomings of current payment methods enabling users to spend for their commute on-demand as and when they need too, without any worries of prepaid balance limitations or losing the balance in case of expiry.


Brisk Pass will negate borders, languages, local currencies, exchange rates and other limitations associated with current system. Brisk Pass & BriskCoin will enable you to pay for any public transport worldwide without the need to purchase any local pass or exchange cash to pay with local currency.


Brisk Pass will provide users with its own cryptocurrency wallet called Brisk Wallet utilizing its own exclusive cryptocurrency called BriskCoin for transferring/receiving money, exchanging it with other crypto/fiat currencies and paying for services or products, making Brisk Pass a limitless solution.


Brisk Pass is an environment friendly solution. An approximate carbon footprint of a plastic card is 35g CO2 equivalent/card thus contributing in the range of 2,000,000,000*35g CO2 equivalent to the carbon footprint of the card industry or a total of 70,000 tons worldwide. Using Brisk Pass travelers will no longer need to use disposable plastic cards and will reduce carbon footprint significantly.

about the company

Based in Heidelberg - Germany, Brisk Pass GmbH was founded in 2015. The company’s main focus was to develop state of the art public transport transaction frontend/backend software system built for the future needs. The idea evolved significantly after the introduction of the blockchain technology and the smart contracts and we decided to work on redefining the way people will pay for transportation. Now our vision is to introduce affordable, singular & global platform for using public transit. We have worked closely with our partners in the transportation industry and successfully tested beta version of Brisk Pass. We are ready to make Brisk Pass the world’s first choice of payment method for commuting and truly decentralizing transportation.

brisk team

Frank Mühlhäuser

Graduated from University Of Stuttgart, with over 20 Years experience in technology sector, and 8 years focus on integrated transportation development systems, Frank with exceptional team members of Brisk Pass GmbH have successfully sustained & achieved company’s goals.

Marcus Herzig

Marcus provides executive leadership in Brisk Pass GmbH. He is responsible for all aspects of strategic IT planning, implementation, and supports worldwide operations. He transformed potential clients into strategic business partners, managed and delivered multiple large scale projects on time within budget. He is also responsible for budgeting, design and support of all in-house developments.

Project Execution Manager

Expert in information technology planning, drafting, project management and ability to drive early project completion. PMP Certified with special focus on transportation sector.

Peter Fritzsche
Lead IT Operation Manager

A dynamic team spirited and performance driven professional, having 8 years of rich experience in IT Operations Management. An ITIL V3 Certified Professional, manages daily operations at Brisk Pass GmbH, he ensures all SLAs are delivered without interruption.

Peter Lange
Lead Backend Developer

Computer science experts with over 11 Years experience specialized in designing, architecting, developing, and securing large scale Web Application & Databases in a wide variety of business applications i.e. CRM, CMS, web search engines, e-commerce, corporate web services.

Marc Oppel
Lead Mobile App Developer

Over 9 years of experience in Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of various Mobile and Web applications using Android, iOS and Java. Experience in developing applications with Activities, Fragments, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, RESTful Web Services, JSON and Notifications.

Chris Schöne
Lead Blockchain Developer

Smart contract specialist, highly involved in the Ethereum platform and related technologies, Solidity Programing, and DApps expertise, Certified Ethereum Developer (CED), Full Stack, Java Development Expert.

Michael Kipshagen
Business Development Manager

A dedicated professional with over 18 years of progressive experience in IT & communications solutions sales. Managed several services and IT consultancies, In-depth experience in sales of enterprise network and communications solutions. Proven track record of consistently over-achieving sales targets throughout challenging economic conditions.

Julia Fritzsche
PR & Marketing Manager

Over 12 Years of extensive international PR & Marketing experience in all aspects of mainstream & social media, responsible for developing, implementing and executing cost effective, smart & strategic marketing plans for Brisk Pass Mobile App.

Robert Nisbet
Sales Manager

Over 22 years Experience is Sales, including 10+ years in the information technology domain, with focus on large enterprises. Thorough understanding of virtualization, cloud solutions, data center infrastructure, and networking. proven track record in exceeding multi-million dollar sales quotas.



Brisk Pass GmbH Founded

Market Analysis

Core Team Recruitment

Business Development & Strategy

Backend Software Architecture Development


Backend Implementation

Platform Developer Documentation

Core Software Alpha Testing

First Client Implementation

Feedback & Analysis

Successful Test Deployment of Brisk Pass Backend Software Across Europe, Asia, Africa & North America.


Brisk Pass App

Platform Developer Documentation

Alpha Project Architecture Development

Platform Development


Private Environment Testing


Brisk Pass Blockchain Integration

Decentralization Risk Analysis

Blockchain Risk Analysis

Platform Integration with Blockchain

Beta Testing


Brisk Pass ICO

Whitepaper Development

Simulations and Modifications

Privacy & Security Audit

Integration Compliance

ICO Marketing


Brisk Pass ICO

Brisk Pass ICO Public Launch

Contributors Resource Page Launch

Crowdsale Start & End Date Announcements

BriskCoin Token Transfer to Contributors



Developer's Teams Expansion

Beta Testing of Brisk Pass App

Launch of Brisk Wallet

Brisk Pass App Launch on IOS & Android


Expansion & Business Development

Converting Strategic Partners

Start Accepting Users

Further Integration into Ethereum Ecosystem



First Set of Local Offices Across Europe

Country Managers & Team Hiring

Local Marketing Campaigns


Mergers And Acquisitions

Further Expansion into North America & Asia

Merging Brisk Pass with Local Infrastrucure

Acquiring Local Travel Agencies for Airline Ticketing

Country Managers & Team Hiring


The Future

Repeat the Strategy Globally

Blockchain of Things Integration for Smart Devices

Make Brisk Pass the Standard of Payments for Transportation


user case

A simple user case of how Brisk Pass will work globally. George is a local residence in Berlin, and he is traveling to London. He takes a local bus from home to the train station in Berlin and pays with Brisk Pass app using BriskCoin. He then pays for his train ticket from Berlin to London using Brisk Pass. During his two hours trip from Berlin to London, He orders a cup of coffee and pays for it using Brisk Pass again with the onboard payment system. Once he reaches London train station, he takes his preferred ride sharing service to take him to his destination and pays for ride sharing using Brisk Pass. George did not have to worry about paying or buying different passes or dealing with more than one currency or provider.


Brisk Pass is a global transportation access app with integrated cryptocurrency wallet called Brisk Wallet utilizing its own exclusive cryptocurrency called BriskCoin to pay for services and/or transfer funds.

A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Known examples of cryptocurrencies are BTC Bitcoin & ETH Ether. These currencies can be bought and traded via crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Gdax and Bitfinex. The Cryptocurrency or Coins bought are saved in compatible personal virtual wallets for further trading or exchange.

BriskCoin or BSK is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystem. 1 ETH equates BSK.400,000.

BriskCoins are ERC20 compliant similar to most of the major tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, you can safely store them in any ERC20 compatible wallet such as Mist or MyEtherWallet.

All the necessary documentation for exchange listings are ready. Our business development team have already approached few exchanges and BriskCoin could start trading soon. Our team is keeping exchange listings at top priority.

Go to your selected Ethereum wallet

Press “Add token” and enter following details of BriskCoin tokens:

Token contract address:


Token name: BSK

Digits: 18

In few seconds you will see your BriskCoin tokens in your Ethereum wallet.


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